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  1. Define repulsion. repulsion synonyms, repulsion pronunciation, repulsion translation, English dictionary definition of repulsion. n. 1. The act of repulsing or the condition of being repulsed: the repulsion of an attack on the fort. 2. Extreme aversion: felt nothing but repulsion at.
  2. repulsion definition: 1. a repelling or being repelled 2. strong dislike, distaste, or aversion; repugnance 3. Physics the mutual action by which bodies or particles of matter tend to repel each otherOrigin of repulsionLate Latin repulsio.
  3. Repulsion is getting grossed out. If the thought of great green globs of greasy grimy gopher guts makes you recoil in horror, then you've experienced repulsion, or an intense aversion to something.
  4. Coloration - Coloration - Repulsion: During the reproductive season, many animals defend a particular area or territory that includes their nest or spawning site. Many other animals defend territories throughout the year. In either case, coloration is frequently important. In species in which the task of territorial defense is accomplished largely by one sex, strong sexual dimorphism usually.
  5. noun the act of repulsing or the state of being repulsed. the feeling of being repelled, as by the thought or presence of something; distaste, repugnance, or aversion. Physics. the force that acts .
  6. Repulsion definition is - the action of repulsing: the state of being repulsed. How to use repulsion in a sentence.
  7. A sudden strong change or reaction in feeling, especially a feeling of violent disgust or loathing. 2. Archaic A withdrawing or turning away from something. 3.
  8. Repulsion () Roman Polanski's psychological horror film Repulsion was made in London in , just as the rest of the world was getting hip to the city as an explosive force in music, art, fashion and just being generally groovy. But in Repulsion, that's all happening outside: This is a story about whisperseekershagrelmalamuro.xyzinfo takes place largely inside the small, almost-shabby London flat where its main.

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