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Christianity Means Tyranny

8 thoughts on “ Christianity Means Tyranny

  1. Christians and Jews have allowed their ancient texts— such as Genesis— to be read as licensing tyranny over animals [and] animal rights people sometimes look on Christianity as though it was unambiguously "the enemy." I think it is wrong to write off Christianity in this way.
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  3. Feb 08,  · Christian socialism, in the end, is nothing but a catch phrase for tyranny. • Cheryl Chumley can be reached at [email protected] or on Twitter, @ckchumley. Listen .
  4. Tyranny definition is - oppressive power; especially: oppressive power exerted by government. How to use tyranny in a sentence.
  5. May 18,  · In the end, so-called Weird Christianity is in grave danger of playing right into the hands of this current ‘tyranny of values,’ to borrow a phrase from the infamous Carl Schmitt. Much like punk rock or the contemporary Christian upheavals of the last two generations, Weird Christianity as an aesthetic may prove to be but another subculture to be integrated into the much larger trends of .
  6. For Christianity? All those people found their death Accused of witchcraft or charged with heresy And still they tell that Jesus loves people But why so many bloodshed of innocent people? And that stupid Pope He exploits poor, innocent people Why don't they admit Christianity means tyranny? All those people found their death.
  7. May 05,  · The Spiritual Tyranny of ‘Religious Liberty’ At a time when Christian communities should seek Jesus more than ever, they’ve now been encouraged by the president to .
  8. T he importance of Christianity in the formation of Western civilization can hardly be denied. That importance is not simply a matter of the past. In the process of secularization Western culture did emancipate itself from its religious roots, but that emancipation was by no means complete.

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