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You Are The Circus - C & The Shells - You Are The Circus (Vinyl)

3 thoughts on “ You Are The Circus - C & The Shells - You Are The Circus (Vinyl)

  1. COTILLION -. "YOU ARE THE CIRCUS" + "I'VE FALLEN IN LOVE". C AND THE SHELLS -. PROMO SOUL 45 RPM -. Grading is visual only unless otherwise stated.
  2. Circus - Circus - Preserving the art form: As the circus evolved over the course of the 20th century, many worked to teach and preserve the fundamentals of the art form. During the 20th century several schools around the world were established to train students in the art of circus skills. In Russia a professional school for the training of circus artists has been associated with the Moscow.
  3. You may hear someone shouting "flags up"on a circus lot to let people it's time to eat. (see "cook house). Flea Bag: A disreputable, ragged and dirty show. Not necessarily a crooked operation, as the best Sunday School outfits had bad runs of business or weather and had to let the appearance of the show run down. Floss: Cotton candy.

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