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Something Going On (The Pastels cover) - Harps - Always Sitting (Cassette, Album)

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  1. Last week, the Rebels Quartet was given the dubious honor of having the worst Southern Gospel album cover for their album What Then. This week will allow you to vote on the album you consider the best Southern Gospel album cover. These were the eight highest ranked covers. I have provided thumbnails (click for larger image).
  2. Thanks Mom and Dad for setting the example and always being there. - KERRY. Album Notes Edit. The cover of the album misspells "Altar" as "Alter" on the listing for the song "That Old Altar". The word is correct in the insert with the lyrics. Purchase Edit Amazon Edit. There's Something Going On CD.
  3. I've been sitting on that album since the 70s - I really should go thru this list on Google and see what else I can find out about some of these acts! March 14, Sign in to suggest removal.
  4. Nov 02,  · The most banjoing-est band on Earth broke through in a huge way with Babel, its second album of hard-charging, old-timey American folk music as performed by a bunch of English guys in vests. The cover of the record counteracts how seriously the band takes itself and its music, depicting the band sitting on a bench (some of them are even smiling!) while behind them, in front of a pub, there is.
  5. Dec 07,  · Sew around album cover. Repeat with second album cover. Then add a hem to the top end of the vinyl on each piece, these will be the front and back of the bag. Measure the length and height of the album cover including the vinyl surrounding it. Take the length measurement x2 .
  6. There are six bands named One Way: 1. An American disco funk band from Detroit, Michigan. Years active – 2. A Korean pop/hip hop group (see 원웨이) 3.A Slovakian rock band 4. .
  7. People respond to short runs and handmade artwork. It gives fans a real connection with your art, something no mass-produced product can do. Playback – Cassette players can be found inexpensively and most quality repair shops still work on cassette decks. Also, many old cars have cassette decks.
  8. I saw it in the discussions when Linkin Park dropped a pop album. And when Bring Me the Horizon did as well. You see it every time a band makes a drastic change in style -even when it's not towards pop or obvious fame/money reasons - something like Opeth going 70s prog, Korn doing a dnb/dubstep collab album.

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