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Power Of The Knife - Take Warning, Pervers Et Truands - Split Tape (Cassette)

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  1. Mar 05,  · Best cassette tape as in "still available" or "discontinued"? If the former then I believe it's the TDK SM-X. Still available from whisperseekershagrelmalamuro.xyzinfo The latter I read many who report that the SONY UX PRO was the best. Comments anyone?? Daniel PS: Oh yeah, before I forget, don't ever buy tape longer than 60 minutes. Stick to 60 min or less.
  2. May 22,  · Checking the play speed of a cassette recorder. Requirements: a 1KHz test tape or a recording of an accurate 1KHz tone made on a known good tape unit and played back on that machine.
  3. Nov 07,  · A bout 20 years ago I wrote an article about the demise of the cassette tape. It was, I dimly recall, a fond farewell to the format, even though, at bottom, I didn’t care. I figured humanity.
  4. German engineers perfected the first tape recorders using oxide tapes in the s. Tapes originally appeared in a reel-to-reel format. See this page for a picture of an early reel-to-reel recorder. Reel-to-reel tapes were common until the compact cassette or "cassette tape" took hold of the market. The cassette was patented in and.
  5. here's a rough visual guide of cassette tapes by era. don't take this as the gospel truth, it's merely observations i have made over the years. 60's's tapes.. see pics most where off white colored. some did come in translucent cases. it was common to find a "compact cassette" logo on these early tapes. all had paper labels. these are.
  6. Jun 07,  · Cassette tape is coated with chemicals, which are part of the recording process. Those chemicals include: magnetite, cobalt, and chromium dioxide. The chemicals vary depending on the age of the tape – different companies used different formulations. Not all chemicals are harmful, and we’ll look at the chemicals in cassettes one by one below.
  7. The plastic casing of the cassette tape can be recycled, unlike the magnetic tape. Alternative Ways to Recycle. Mail to GreenDisk. GreenDisk is a company that provides secured and audited disposal of personal property stored on digital media. Through their Technotrash Pack-It program, they will dispose of any unwanted audio cassette and VHS tapes.
  8. Assuming your two strips of audio tape are aligned properly, take your knife and make a 45° cut across the tape. Press straight down with the blade to avoid moving the tape itself and get a clean cut. Use your tweezers to carefully remove both cut-off pieces of tape and gently press the loose tip into alignment with the other on the Post-It note.

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